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Of welding and many cupellation crucibles 

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  • M-160
  • M-160
  • Silicon carbide plates
  • Great transformer
  • Transformer
  • Control Module
  • Ammeter and phase indicator lights


Maximum Temperature1300ºC.
Heating chamber: 60cm. wide x 30cm. high (vault) x 90cm. background.
External dimensions: 150cm. wide x 177cm. high x 159cm. background.
Capacity: 50 pots Ø90mm. 200mm high.
Volume capacity: 160 liters.
Oven Weight: 1000kg.
Weight transformer module: 700kg.
Power: 3x380V neutral.
Installed power: 40kw.
Control and power module: Independent of the furnace body. Contains: DH-101 Programmer, solid state relays power, overall key switch, power transformer three ammeters, phase indicator lights, ignition key key key key instruments on and off exhaust gases.
Venting: Elbow 2 "gas.
Muffle: Manufactured Indef ceramic fiber panels, porch and history of refractory insulating bricks.
Gateway: From pre-molded refractory insulating bricks.
Heating elements: Bars heating silicon carbide vertical and distributed in the two side walls of the flask disposal. Quick and easy replacement, protected by silicon carbide plates arranged vertically on the side walls.
Isolation: Using ceramic fiber panels Indef.
Hearth or floor: De plates of silicon carbide and able to withstand the weight and load hauling firebricks.
Cabinet with casters: Manufactured with pipes, angles, profiles and sheet for industrial use electrically welded termination thermo epoxy enamel.
Door: With labyrinth sealing system to minimize heat loss and vertical movement up-down, the hot side is always opposite the operator.
Opening door opening: By pneumatic cylinder with two-way solenoid valve 5/3 with remote locking lever three positions up / stop / down.
Power control: With three phase solid state relays.
Thermocouple: From Pt Pt 10% Rh, Ø = 0.5 mm with bifilar of sintered alumina containing more than 99% of Al2O3 and silica absence to avoid intergranular attack silicon.
Exhaust gas: It consists of an electro centrifugal fan coupled to the gas outlet. The extraction is performed by Venturi effect, which causes the motor is not in direct contact with the gases. On and off manually by key wrench.



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