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For heating and drying up to 500ēC. Heating of chemical reactors. 

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Maximum temperature: 500ēC.
Maximum working temperature with aluminum cover: 200ēC.
Heating surface: 45cm. width x 29cm. background.
External measurements: 50cm. width 17.5cm. high x 39cm. background.
Weight: 19.2kg.
Power: 220V.
Installed power: 2,6kw.
Insulation: Compacted ceramic fiber of low thermal inertia (quick heats, cools fast).
Heating elements: Indef heating plates (patent of invention Nē207.652) of high alumina inside which are the resistances manufactured with Kanthal type wire and calculated with low charge density to achieve a long service life.
Refractory support surface: High 96% alumina. Inert the acids and alkalis. It does not deform even at high temperatures and is shock resistant. To work up to 500ēC.
Aluminum support surface: Removable aluminum tray, it can be placed on the alumina plate to work up to 200ēC, this cover is ideal for jobs that require a smooth and flat surface easy to clean.
Cabinet: Tray in stainless steel AISI 304 and sheet DD No. 18 folded and punching with numerical control with thermoconvertible epoxy enamel surface finish.
Thermocouple: Type "K".
Instructions for installation and maintenance of the equipment in user manual.


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